List of Best Private Health Insurance companies in Ghana.

With the surging adventure of Diseases all over the world, getting yourself and your family covered with health insurance can save you the financial strains that come with bills and expenses of seeking healthcare. It helps to protect your assets from the financial risk and the high cost of medical care.

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Do you know any health insurance companies in Ghana?



It does not come as a surprise that many health insurance companies in Ghana have come up offering a variety of products for the consumer. There is public insurance that is accessible by all citizens and, there are also private health insurance companies in Ghana. The public company is known as the National Health Insurance scheme that was founded by the government of Ghana. It offers attention to basic health care services to Ghanaians.

There are also private companies established to cater to healthcare needs.

Here is a list of private health insurance companies in Ghana.

  • Apex Health Insurance

Located in Accra, Ghana, Apex Health insurance with benefits in its healthcare package. This ranges from both inpatient and outpatient care. It also offers wellness solutions and healthcare consultation. The establishment works with individuals, small groups, and also corporate companies. It is a very popular company in Ghana.

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  • Metropolitan Health Insurance Limited

Being an award-winning company is among the top health insurance companies in Ghana. It offers a wide range of products for both the wealthy and the less wealthy making it flexible for one to choose the type of product that suits them. Also, it gives the clients a ten percent refund if a client goes for one year without a claim.

  • Acacia Health Insurance Limited

This well-known organization started as one of the mutual health insurance companies in Ghana in 2012. Because of its fast growth, it became commercialized in 2015 and has gone ahead to be the biggest well-being protection company in the country covering, a wide variety of healthcare products. So far it has won about four distinguished awards one, of them being the winner of the leading healthcare coverage company in Ghana.


  • Kaiser Global Health Insurance

Kaiser, located in Accra, is a fully licensed company that provides healthcare coverage for individuals, families, and also companies. They strive to provide the best healthcare cover. They are also another award-winning indemnification company. It is available in all 16 regions of Ghana. The company provides a wide range of products that suit anyone. They work with your budget.

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  • GLICO Healthcare Limited

This company is a member of GLICO GROUP and was previously known as Gemini Healthcare. It was awarded the best healthcare provider of the year in 2018 and has also partnered with Vodafone to bring a holistic approach to healthcare. This company has been in existence for more than fifteen years and, it continues to grow in providing quality care. The company is passionate about ensuring all citizens lead a hale and hearty life and thus has made several initiatives to make this possible.

  • Phoenix Health Insurance

This company is among the popular private well-being cover establishments in Ghana. Its insurance scheme enrolls individuals, families, and even corporate clients. They have packages that offer their clients financial protection from condition risk. They also have specialized in preventive care which makes them very unique.

  • Cosmopolitan Health Insurance Limited

Beginning operations in 2014, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, began as a small private company and has greatly grown over the years. This private limited company is also registered and licensed to operate in Ghana and, it provides healthcare cover. It also offers third party administration to of the companies with many staff members. It aims to give both quality and affordable care to all the clients.


  • Universal Health Insurance

It is a coverage agency located in Tema, Ghana. They are committed to providing affordable and sustainable healthcare for individuals, families, or other small groups as well as to corporate companies. It also started as a mutual company in 2012 and was later commercialized. It is popular for its reasonably priced healthcare packages.

  • Liberty Medical Health Scheme

Also known as Liberty Blue, it is among the international health insurance companies in Ghana. It offers its services through another in-country company called Apex Health Insurance Limited. The services offered include both in-patient and out-patient care. They, however, offer packages to multinationals and corporates. The company is based in South Africa as part of Liberty Holdings and offers its services all over Africa.


  • Ace Medical Insurance

Regardless of your budget, you can be able to get medical cover at Ace. They aim to give everyone a chance to have financial and condition security because high medical expenses can cripple a person’s financial security. They are licensed to operate in Ghana and are located in Accra where they provide services both for treatment locally and also internationally. Their packages are suitable for individuals, families, and even organizations.

It is obvious that health insurance companies in Ghana are substantial. This industry is apparently very competitive as all the companies attempt to give the best quality, affordable, and sustainable healthcare plan. The ability to get insured for health should not be taken for granted because it is of great significance.

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