Sperm cells

4 foods that can damage your sperm cells

A lot of illnesses we undergo today are mostly due to unhealthy feeding habits we get involved in.
We consume a lot of things, some because of taste and others because they easily prepare but we do not know what detriment all these have on our body.

Sperm cells

Sperm cells

In most recent times, a lot of things can cause a drop in sperm counts.
Some attribute it to men resting laptops on their laps, others say it’s the heat from cellphone we put inside our side pocket. The truth is that what we eat also plays a major role in this situation. Don’t allow the wrong choice of diet to kill your potential generation.

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Here are four foods that affect sperm negatively.

  1. Processed meat; These include hotdogs, beef jerky, salami, bacon, etc. Of course, they are quite delicious but talking about healthy sperm.
    So many studies have proved that processed red meat affects sperm counts and motility negatively.
  2. Trans fat; this kind of fats increases the risk of heart diseases.
    Research also recently proved that increased intake of trans fats is linked with a decrease in sperm counts.
  3.  High-fat dairy products: Research has proved that milk with a very high-fat content was associated with decreased sperm shape. Sometimes a traces of steroid hormones injected in cows are found in these products.
  4.  Pesticides; These can easily be overlooked as you will all say no sensible man can consume pesticides. Little do we know of how we consume these substances through some vegetables and fruits.
    These chemicals they use on some of these fruits and vegetables often act as a xenoestrogen ( estrogen mimics).
    This substance can cause havoc on the sperm cell

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