The two days workshop was organized by the leadership of the Accident and Emergency Unit and facilitated by Dr. Papa Kojo Mbroh and additional four doctors (Dr. Pascal Kangberee, Dr. Eugene Adomako, Dr. Afriyie Ansah)

On the 5th and 6th of October 2022, doctors, nurses, and physician assistant students gathered at the lecture hall of Cape Coast Teaching Hospital to learn and engage themselves in the principles of Resuscitation in the Emergency Department, mega Code, and others.
The CPR workshop which is organized annually became a remarkable moment in 2022.

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In an interaction with the head of the department of the A&E, he made emphasis on the need to upgrade one’s self in his area of specialty through workshops, seminars, and meetings. Moving forward he stressed the need to take the training seriously. He said “Since we have a simple task to prevent people who come to us from dying and achieve our aim of decreasing mortality in the ER. Per statistics, the mortality rate remains at 3% since the beginning of the year which is the best in the country and amongst the various teaching hospitals so far.”
Advanced preparation should be our greatest weapon he stated.
In preparing for resuscitation at the Emergency Department, the following points were highlighted: Knowledge preparation, Skills preparation, Team preparation, Equipment, medicine, space preparation, mind, sense preparation, and ethics.

Moreover, he emphasized the correct attitude, mindset, knowledge, and skill required. He said further, “Appropriate equipment must be used as adjuncts but ultimately YOU ARE THE ONE IN CHARGE NOT THE TOOLS YOU ARE USING.
He also educated trainees on the reversible cause of death (H’s and T’s).

The medical director, Dr. Laryea was present to give his remarks and he wished it was organized for every staff in the hospital. He emphasized you shouldn’t take things for granted and that some utterances are not hygienic.

Some participants were interviewed by the team after the workshop and the feedback was positive. They send kudos to the various nurse in charge and the head of departments for organizing the training.

This year’s workshop was incredible as some media team was present to take coverage of it.

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