UPNMG vrs GRNMA : The Benefits and Policies – Everything You Need To Know.

Every nurse and midwife in Ghana must choose between the Ghana Registered Nurses’ and Midwives’ Association (GRNMA) and the Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG). Since a person cannot join both associations at the same time, this article compares the advantages and regulations of the two unions to assist you in making an informed decision.

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Before UPNMG was properly established as a labor union in 2017, GRNMA had served as Ghana’s only labor association representing nurses and midwives for more than 57 years.

So let’s discuss the deductions component next. The association of your choice will deduct this amount from your paycheck.

1. Tier 3

Here, the deductions made by both associations total GH 50, the same amount.

2. Organization Fees

While UPNMG deducts 1.5 percent from your pay, GRNMA deducts 2 percent.

3. Building Levies

While UPNMG does not collect a building fee, GRNMA deducts GH $20.

Case study (Deductions)

Mr. Amponsah is a nursing officer who receives a basic salary of GH 2066.13, GRNMA association dues of 2%, or GH 41.32, a building levy of GH 20.00, and a deduction for the nurses’ fund union of GH 50.00. This comes to GH 111.32 in total. However,

Mr. Sinyaun, a nursing officer, receives base pay of GH 2066.13, 1.5 percent of his basic salary in UPNMG dues, or GH 30.99, and GH 50.00 in a mutual fund. This is equal to GHc80.99

NOTE: There is no building levy under the UPNMG deductions, and the mutual fund is not a pension fund. It will be used for loans and other benefits, and when a member retires, they receive the donated funds plus interest (less any outstanding loans).

This should help you understand the deductions made by both unions, in my opinion. Let’s discuss the advantages of bundles.

PIN/AIN Renewal In January 2022, the GRNMA stated that PIN/AIN renewal would be free for their members. Members complete the remaining steps of the renewal process after paying the renewal fee (currently GHC 55.00).

Members must access the USSD code *928*8# to change their personal information, including their Staff ID, PIN/AIN, and N&MC Registration Number.
Upon receiving an SMS confirming a successful submission from GRNMA and N&MC,

To renew your PIN/AIN, use the N&MC or go to a branch.
The renewal fees for UPNMG members are not covered by UPNMG. Members can use some of the money they save over the year to pay for the renewal, though. For instance, Mr. Sinyaun in the aforementioned scenario saves GHc 360 years. He still saves roughly GHc 305 even if he pays GHc 55.00 for PIN renewal for the entire year.

Hire Purchases

UPNMG hire purchase is up and functioning and it’s available for all members.

The shop is currently in Tamale. But we can make deliveries to other regions from our partner shops.

The CAGD and consent forms will however have to be filled and submitted by email or what’s an app to the secretariat before the item will be delivered.

Your affordability must be ascertained and be able to pay for the item you want to buy.

Items currently available include

Television, mobile phones, Fridges, Washing machines, Kitchen equipment such as blenders, rice cookers… Etc.

Remember, no deposit, just pick and go.

GRNMA does not offer this package yet.

Access to Loans

GRNMA offers soft loans and according to the information found, “GRNMA, will not ridicule the profession by asking u to come for common Iron with a pay slip. They also offer financial support to Members in distress situations (Armed robbery, Fires, Accidents, etc.)

We are rather giving a loan scheme to every member at an unprecedented 10%per annum rate. This rate is the Cheapest & has never happened to the financial sector in Ghana’s history. (Expect these few weeks)”.

The UPNMG welfare fund is not a pension fund; rather, it is a mutual fund. As a result, after a time of contributing to it, members may access soft loans with extremely low interest rates or make partial withdrawals from their funds. Members make monthly contributions that range from GHC 50.00 to GHC 500.00. One of our main initiatives is this policy, which aims to give nurses and midwives some financial flexibility. The days of banks and micro-lending firms charging exorbitant interest rates are gone.

Annual Souvenirs

GRNMA offers souvenirs where Procurement and distribution of souvenirs are free for all members every year.

UPNMG states: Members will be duly appreciated at the end of every year through the provision of Souvenirs such as calendars, diaries, Lacoste, union cloths, etc.

CPD Training

UPNMG states: To ensure that academic and practical knowledge of Nurses and Midwives are updated at all times, UPNMG is investing in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses by partnering with institutions to help its members update their skills and knowledge. The union is also investing some funds into the training of its members.

GRNMA members would have to make use of only the CPD program offered by N&MC as GRNMA does not offer this package yet. They, however, fund the yearly Best Nurse/Midwives Award (one member from each Region).

Scholarship Scheme and Research Grants

UPNMG Members who express interest to further their studies and are qualified will be considered for scholarships after a committee set up to consider their application deems them qualified. The research grant is also available for those who want to carry out research works related to nursing, midwifery, and health. A panel made up of seasoned researchers and academicians has also been constituted to look at good research works as will be presented by members for publication in our upcoming magazines.

GRNMA does not offer this package yet.

Auto/Car scheme

GRNMA has had extensive discussions with transport /Auto firms. They are going to supply ONLY GRNMA members with saloon vehicles at a very extremely affordable rate where the union will pay upfront for the individual members for them to make installment payments at flexible modules.

UPNMG states: With the auto scheme, the UPNMG is in talks with car dealers and some financial institutions that will be willing to sell cars to our members on installment. The union will be your guarantor. Also, we would re-engage the government on the vehicle tax waiver for nurses and Midwives

Entrepreneurship Training

UPNMG states: To ensure financial freedom for Nurses and Midwives, UPNMG will organize entrepreneurship training for Nurses and Midwives to better equip them as well as provide flexible loans to help them set up their businesses. Nurses and Midwives have great ideas and we believe if these business ideas are polished well, we can have members running their businesses, employing people, and gaining extra income to improve their economic status.

Health Fund

According to sources, GRNMA Health Fund seeks to address the health needs (cost) of ailments that fall outside the remit of Health insurance for members.

UPNMG states: In addition to the insurance cover for members, there is a health fund set up to take care of members’ health needs whenever in need. This fund is set aside to cater to members who sustain injuries through accidents or acquire illnesses while performing their duties as Nurses or Midwives. As the fund grows, we shall review its utilization to include high-cost health care services such as dialysis and organ transplants.

Legal Intervention

GRNMA pays the Salaries of the Association’s lawyer(s) to fight for members in legal suits in the course of professional practice. This is a nice offer since nursing is risky.

UPNMG owns a lawyer on a retainer basis who is paid to handle our legal issues for use

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